What is Coaching Signatures™?

Coaching Signatures™ is a coach development tool, used primarily for coaching supervision with individuals or groups of internal or external coaches. It identifies a coach’s unique coaching style i.e. the way that they behave and manage the dynamics of the coaching relationships.

It can be used to:

  • Analyse the coach’s current position in the coaching relationship
  • Identify the coaching style which best suits the needs of the client
  • Give rapid, deeper personal insight into the influence and consequences of their current coaching style, strategies and behaviours
  • Indicate what supervisory direction and level of support the coach needs

Coaching Signatures enables the coach to recognize and understand their most developed and natural coaching style. In supervision, it can be used to help the coach tune into and use different coaching styles to different ends.

It also assists the coach in understanding their own unique coaching landscape, offering them the opportunity to prepare for their best coaching work.

The profiling tool itself is a metaphor rich, projective profiling tool that creates self-awareness and insight. Completing the profile and having a supervisory debrief (with report) will provide you with an understanding of:

  • Which coaching styles and strategies are currently being used and which need to be developed further
  • Which better meet the needs of the client and which are not appropriate for the client given their current state and context
  • Difficulties or ‘stuckness’ in the coaching relationship

The Coaching Signatures profile takes 30 mins to complete online. The coach is invited to imagine and define their coaching landscape and then invite three separate coaching clients into their landscape.

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