Welcome to BrightStar Coaching

An existentially and systemically oriented leadership coaching practice

Wisdom. Balance. Authenticity. Resilience.

BrightStar Coaching is an existentially and systemically oriented leadership coaching practice with a strong belief that focusing more on our natural talents and what we already have in abundance, has the potential to unlock our greatest achievements and fulfillments. All of our coaching offerings – leadership coachingteam coaching and coaching supervision are carried out from a place that both recognizes and respects the whole system (organization and family) with philosophical foundations in existential issues such as meaning, identity, choice, authenticity, paradox, freedom and responsibility.


Having worked in leadership development for 24 years, Angela brings 3 important channels of experience to her coaching practice

  • A strong business and leadership background
  • Expertise in leadership development and coaching for both individuals and teams
  • Masters in Psychotherapy (Existential and Integrative)

BrightStar Coaching is based in and around London but occasionally works farther afield, including overseas.


Visible and Lasting Results

Angela’s coaching with leaders and leadership teams delivers visible and lasting results, including:

  • Retention of top talent
  • Successful transition to senior leadership roles
  • The development of a truly high performing team that delivers results
  • Increased motivation and confidence of senior leaders based on an understanding of their leadership purpose and identity
  • Embedding of new habits and behaviours that enable business success and personal fulfillment
  • Building resilience through deeper self-awareness and self-confidence

Contact today via email at angela@brightstar-coaching.com or call us directly on + 44 (0) 7786 075552